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04 April 2012

Beyond the Days

Beyond the days of hope and mystery
we see a light of faith renewed,
and in our longing we thirst for guidance
to walk with you day by day.
1. Forty days and nights,
you guide the steps of our journey.
May your presence be felt
in the whisper of your voice. (Refrain)

2. Not on bread alone
are we to walk on this journey.
Speak the words that give life
to the yearnings of our hearts. (Refrain)

3. In your hands, O God,
we feel the touch of your guidance.
Keep us safe in your care:
may your gentleness be there. (Refrain)

4. On our Lenten path
we see the dawn of a new day.
Be our vision of hope;
be the promise of our lives. (Refrain)

Composer: Ricky Manalo

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