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06 June 2010

Pan De Vida (Bob Hurd)

Bilingual Refrain:
Pan de Vida, cuerpo del Señor,
cup of blessing, blood of Christ the Lord.
At this table the last shall be first.
Poder es servir, porque Dios es amor.
Pan de Vida, cuerpo del Señor,
santa copa, Cristo Redentor.
Su justicia nos convertirá.
Poder es servir, porque Dios es amor.
1. We are the dwelling of God,
fragile and wounded and weak.
We are the body of Christ,
called to be the compassion of God.

(Somos el templo de Dios,
frágiles seres humanos.
Somos el cuerpo de Cristo,
llamados a ser compasivos.)

2. Ustedes me llaman "Señor".
Me inclino a lavarles los pies.
Hagan lo mismo, humildes,
sirviéndose unos a otros.

(You call me Teacher and Lord;
I, who have washed your feet.
So you must do as I do,
so the greatest must become the least.)

3. There is no Jew or Greek;
there is no slave or free;
there is no woman or man;
only heirs of the promise of God.

(No hay esclavos ni libres,
no hay mujeres ni hombres,
sólo aquellos que heredan
el reino que Dios prometió.)

Text: Jn 13:1-5, Gal 3:28-29

Composers: Bob Hurd and Pia Moriarty (1988)

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