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11 March 2013

Behold the Glory of God (Roc O'Connor)

Behold the glory of God,
the Day-Star arising!
Christ Jesus shines on the earth
with mercy enduring!
1. Night of hope, night of glory divine–
Darkness conquered evermore.
Christ triumphant shines on the earth
With joy that endures.

2. Dance for joy all you angels of God,
Let the pow'rs of heav'n exult.
All creation, join now in song:
"Salvation is won!"

3. Let the earth in its beauty rejoice,
Radiant as the morning sky.
Chains of death lie shattered this night–
Christ's vict'ry complete!

4. Robed about in the light of the day,
Let the Church take up its praise.
Sacred walls resound with the voice
Of God's holy ones.

5. Blessed was the first fall from your grace,
Blessed was the fateful sin.
Blessed more the *blood of the Cross:
Our God set us free.

6. O how wondrous the gift of your love,
Tender gift on our behalf:
To redeem a slave lowly born
You gave us the Christ.

7. O my God, you are worthy indeed
To receive our grateful song.
We acclaim the deeds of your hand:
"Praise God evermore!"

8. God delivered our life from the snare
With a strong and mighty hand;
Set us free from all of our foes
To worship The Name.

9. Through the fire and the water you led
With the darkness round about.
Death was near; the snare was released;
Our God set us free!

10. Lift your hands, off'ring thanks unto God,
Raise a hymn of endless praise:
Blessed be the Lord of our lives,
Whose mercy endures.

11. With a shout, water fled from the sea,
Paths were opened by your Word.
Far beyond our thoughts or desires,
Your mercy is sure!

12. O remember your promise, O God;
Let your mercy still remain:
Save your people who cry out to you,
"O God, set us free!"

Composer: Roc O'Connor (1990)

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