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27 May 2013

Well of Tears (Bob Dufford)

1. Is there no balm in Gilead,
no hand to heal this sorrow?
Are there no eyes to share this grief
and see beyond tomorrow?

2. Will no one come to hear this tale
and stand amid the ashes?
Can no one dry this well of tears,
or stay this wound within me?

God above, hear our plea.
Turn your eyes of mercy here
to light our way.
Stay with us, Lord of all.
All we seek, all we've lost
we find in you.
3. How can I bear this memory,
and keep my soul from breaking?
How will I rise again each day
and greet a life worth living? (to Refrain)

4. Rivers will run and flowers grow,
and stars will steer their courses.
Springtime will come for me one day
when I have stayed this winter.

Composer: Bob Dufford

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