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03 November 2013

Christians Let Us Love One Another (Tune: PICARDY)

1. Christians let us love one another
as we share the true living bread
Jesus is our God and our brother;
with his flesh and blood we are fed.

Everyone who lives is born of God
Jesus is our life, God is love.
2. We who break this bread are one body,
we who share this cup are all one
Children of our Father in heaven,
we are heirs of God’s only Son. (Refrain)

3. We who eat and drink at this table
die and rise again with our Lord.
Drawing from our rock living water
giv’n to all who thirst for accord. (Refrain)

4. Wheat and grape incarnate a mystery;
Jesus is the true living bread
Let us eat with joy and thanksgiving,
trusting in the word he has said. (Refrain)

5. Jesus is the vine, we the branches;
we are grains of wheat, Christ the bread.
Those who eat this bread live forever,
one with Christ our Lord and our head. (Refrain)

Words: Armand Nigro & Cladia Foltz (1973)
Tune: PICARDY 98.98 + Refrain

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