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16 November 2013

Nowell Sing We (Nowel Syng We) [setting 2]

Nowell sing we now all and some
For Rex Pacificus is come
1. In Bethlehem that fair city
A child was born of a maiden free
That shall a Lord and Prince be
a solis ortus cardine

2. Children were slain full great plenty
Jesu for the love of thee
Wherefore their solees saved be
Hostis Herodes impie

3. As the sun shineth through the glass
So Jesu in His Mother was
Thee to serve now grant us grace
O lux beata Trinitus

4. Now God is come to honour us
Now of Mary is born Jesus
Make we merry among us
Exultet coelum laudibus

Mediaeval English Carol (c. 15th century)

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