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23 August 2010

Come, Great God Of All The Ages

Come, Great God of all the ages,
make Your earthly mission known;
speak through every deed and person,
let Your way and will be shown.
Guide the church to true commitment,
give direction now, we ask;
fit us for the work of building,
dedicate us to the task.

Come, Christ Jesus, flesh and spirit,
sure foundation, cornerstone,
help us form the church eternal,
may Your vision be our own.
Send a message to each foll’wer,
lead all people to Your way;
Urge us to strong faith and action
as we build the church today.

Come, Great Spirit, in and with us,
tune our ears to hear Your call;
through the moving of Your presence,
let redeeming love recall
ministry in dedication,
love embodied in our deeds;
challenge us to do Your bidding,
see Your purpose, fill all needs.

Come, O come, in celebration,
household of the one true God,
in commitment and rejoicing
let us go where Christ has trod;
as we act in faith and rev’rence,
let us, Lord, the future see;
place us in the church triumphant,
now and for eternity.

Words: Mary Jackson Cathey (1987)
Tune: ABBOT'S LEIGH 87.87 D, by Cyril Vincent Taylor (1991)

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