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30 January 2011

Out of Darkness (Walker)

See also: Out of Darkness (original CD recording version)

Out of darkness, God has called us,
Claimed by Christ as God's own people,
Holy nation, royal priesthood,
Walking in God's marv'lous light.
1. Let us take the words you give
Strong and faithful words to live
Words within our hearts are sewn
Words to bind us as your own (Refrain)

2. Let us take the cross you give
Broken body Christ we live
Christ arisen from the tomb
Christ who calls us as your own (Refrain)

3. Let us take the love you give
That the wave of love we live
Love to bring your people home
Love to make us all your own (Refrain)

Final Ending: Amen, amen!

Composer: Christopher Walker

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