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19 May 2011

We Know That Christ Is Raised And Dies No More

1. We know that Christ is raised and dies no more.
Embraced by death, he broke its fearful hold,
and our despair he turned to blazing joy. Alleluia!

2. We share by water in his saving death.
Reborn, we share with him an Easter life
as living members of our Savior Christ. Alleluia!

3. The God of splendor clothes the Son with life.
The Spirit's fission shakes the church of God.
Baptized, we live with God the Three-in-One. Alleluia!

4. A new creation comes to life and grows
as Christ's new body takes on flesh and blood.
The universe, restored and whole, will sing: Alleluia!

Text: John Brownlow Geyer (b. 1932)
Tune: ENGELBERG 10.10.10 + Alleluias, by Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)

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