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01 October 2013

Love is his word

1. Love is his word, Love is his way,
Feasting with kin, fasting alone,
Living and dying, rising again
Love only love is his way.

Richer than gold
Is the love of my Lord.
Better than splendour and wealth.
2. Love is his way, love is his mark,
Sharing his last Passover feast.
Christ at the table, host to the Twelve
Love, only love, is his mark.

3. Love is his mark, love is his sign,
Bread for our strength,
wine for our joy,
This is my body, this is my blood
Love, only love is his sign.

4. Love is his sign, love is his news,
Do this he said Lest you forget
All my deep sorrow, all my dear blood,
Love, only love, is his news.

5. Love is his news, Love is his name,
We are his own, chosen and called,
Family, brethren, cousins and kin.
Love, only love is his name.

6. Love is his name, love is his law,
Hear his command, all who are his,
Love one another, I have loved you
Love, only love, is his law.

7. Love is his law, Love is his word,
Love of the Lord, Father, and Word,
Love of the Spirit, God ever one,
Love, only love, is his word.

Text: Luke Connaughton (1917-1979)
Tune: CRESSWELL + Refrain

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