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26 April 2011

Because the Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23 / Walker)

1. Because the Lord is my shepherd,
I have ev’ry thing I need.
He lets me rest in the meadow and leads me
to the quiet streams.
He restores my soul and he leads me
in the paths that are right:

Lord, you are my shepherd,
you are my friend.
I want to follow you always,
just to follow my friend.
2. And when the road leads to darkness,
I shall walk there unafraid.
Even when death is close I have courage,
for your help is there.
You are close beside me with comfort,
you are guiding my way: (Refrain)

3. In love you make me a banquet
for my enemies to see.
You make me welcome, pouring down honor
from your mighty hand,
and this joy fills me with gladness;
it is too much to bear: (Refrain)

4. Your goodness always is with me
and your mercy I know.
Your loving kindness strengthens me always
as I go through life.
I shall dwell in your presence forever,
giving praise to your name: (Refrain)

Paraphrase of Psalm 23

Composer: Christopher Walker (1985)

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