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11 April 2011

The King of Glory

The King of Glory comes,
the nation rejoices
Open the gates before him,
lift up your voices.
(1) Who is the King of Glory?
How shall we call him?
He is Immanuel,
the promised of ages.

(2) In all of Galilee,
in city or village
he goes among his people,
curing their illness.

(3) He gave his life for us,
the pledge of salvation,
he took upon himself
the sins of the nation.

(4) He conquered sin and death;
he truly has risen.
And he will share with us
his heavenly vision.

Text: Willard F. Jabush (b. 1930) © 1966, 1984
Tune: KING OF GLORY 12.12 + Refrain, Israeli folk tune

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