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14 March 2010

Keep in Mind That Jesus Christ Has Died For Us


Keep in mind that Jesus Christ has died for us
and is risen from the dead. He is our saving Lord;
he is joy for all ages.
If we die with the Lord, we shall live with the Lord.
If we endure with the Lord, we shall live with the Lord. (Refrain)

In him all our sorrow, in him all our joy.
In him hope of glory, in him all our love. (Refrain)

In him our redemption, in him all our grace.
In him our salvation, in him all our peace. (Refrain)

Paraphrase of 2 Tim 2:8-12

Composer: Lucien Deiss (1921-2007)

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  1. WOW - wonderful, peaceful hymn which I recall from my days at summer camp in the NJ mountains (Camp St. Benedict) in the 60s. It was a splendid time to be Catholic...

    1. Yes, One of my favorite hymns also, i find myself humming it often.