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29 April 2010

Song of the Body of Christ / Canción del Cuerpo de Cristo (David Haas)


We come to share our story,
we come to break the bread,
we come to know our rising
from the dead.
We come as your people,
we come as your own,
united with each other,
love finds a home.

We are called to heal the broken,
to be hope for the poor;
we are called to feed
the hungry at our door.

Bread of life and cup of promise,
in this meal we all are one.
In our dying and our rising,
may your kingdom come.

You will lead and we shall follow,
you will be the breath of life;
living water,
we are thirsting for your light.

We will live and sing your praises,
"Alleluia" is our song.
May we live in love and peace
our whole life long.

Traducción Española: Canción del Cuerpo de Cristo

El estribillo:

Venimos a decir nuestra historia,
y romper del pan de vida,
venimos a saber de nuestro resucitar.
Venimos como sus personas,
nosotros venimos como su propio,
unió uno con el otro,
el amor encuentra una casa.

Somos llamados a curar el roto,
para ser esperanza para el pobre;
somos llamados a alimentar el hambriento
en nuestra puerta.

Pan de vida y copa de promesa,
somos uno en esta comida.
En nuestro morir y nuestra subida,
pueda su reino viene.

Usted dirigirá y seguiremos,
usted será el aliento de la vida;
viviendo agua,
nosotros thirsting para suluz.

Viviremos y cantaremos sus elogios,
"Aleluya" es nuestra canción.
Pueda vivimos en el amor y la paz nuestra
vida entera mucho tiempo.

No ke ano ahiahi ke aloha la
I ka hali`ali`a `ana mai

English text: David Haas (1989)
Spanish translation: Donna Peña
Tune: NO KE ANO' AHI AHI (Hawai'ian Folk Song)

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1 comment:

  1. I love this hymn, the melody is soul-haunting, giving one pause to reflect on the beauty and the grandeur that is the Eucharistic Presence of God contained in the Communion Host. After all, didn't Jesus say, "This IS My body..., this IS My blood...? He didn't say anything He didn't mean, so how can people forget that He used those exact words to describe what He was giving to us for all generations? Not a 'symbol' but His actual and real presence as 'food for our journey'.
    I especially love the song when the Hawaiian words are substituted in the verse...
    My hope (and dream) is that every man, woman and child gets to know the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist at every Mass in every Catholic church throughout the world... and then lives that 'peace' every day of their lives.
    Peace, love and blessings from the One who loves you, created you and seeks to 'friendship' with you.