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18 May 2010

Spirit Blowing Through Creation (Marty Haugen)

Spirit blowing through creation,
spirit burning in the sky,
let the hope of your salvation fill our eyes;
God of splendor, God of glory,
You who light the stars above,
all the heavens tell the story of your love.

As you move upon the waters,
As you ride upon the wind,
Move us all, your sons and daughters deep within;
As you shaped the hills and mountains,
Formed the land and filled the deep,
Let your hand renew and waken all who sleep.


Spirit renewing the earth,
renewing the hearts of all people;
burn in the weary souls, blow through the silent lips,
come now awake us, Spirit of God.
Love that sends the rivers dancing,
love that waters all that lives,
love that heals and holds and rouses and forgives.
You are food for all creatures,
You are hunger in the soul,
in Your hands the brokenhearted are made whole.

All the creatures you have fashioned,
All that live and breathe in you,
Find their hope in your compassion, strong and true;
You, O Spirit of salvation,
You alone, beneath, above,
Come, renew your whole creation in your love (Refrain)

Composer: Marty Haugen (1987)

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