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23 May 2010

Wind Upon The Waters (Marty Haugen)

Wind upon the waters,
voice upon the deep;
rouse your sons and daughters,
wake us from our sleep.
Breathing life into all flesh,
breathing love into all hearts,
Living wind upon the waters of my soul.

Showers from the heaven,
water from the earth;
Gift so wholly given,
source of every birth.
Joy of every living thing,
making all creation sing,
Shower down upon the dry earth of my soul.

Rock and hill and garden,
wood and desert sand;
Prairie, field and meadow,
shaped by Love's own hand.
Love that fills the world around,
springing up from barren ground,
Grow your love within the garden of my soul.

Blazing light of wonder,
flame that pierces night;
Burst the dark asunder,
fill our souls with light.
Lord of glory, fill the skies,
make an end to hatred's cries,
Be the blazing Sun of justice in our lives.

Wind upon the waters,
rains upon the sand,
Grace your sons and daughters,
newborn by your hand.
Come, O Spirit and renew
all the life that comes from you,
Send your winds upon the waters of my soul.

Composer: Marty Haugen (1986)

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had such a fun time learning how to record my own living room grand piano as a test, that it ended up becoming this photo essay. Marty's song is so rich. I've had my small choir do it numerous times, but I took many liberties with this particular performance and multi-tracked my voice to get the overall effect.

    1. Thanks, Rob for your feedback. This is a wonderful recording that you made and I am glad to feature it.