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22 May 2010

Without Seeing You (David Haas)

Without seeing you we love you.
Without touching you we embrace.
Without knowing you we follow.
Without seeing you we believe.
We return to you deep within,
leave the past to the dust.
Turn to you with tears and fasting,
You are ready to forgive. (Refrain)

The sparrow will find a home
near to you oh God.
How happy we who dwell with you,
for ever in your house. (Refrain)

For ever we sing to you
of your goodness, O God;
proclaiming to all the world
of your faithfulness and love. (Refrain)

For you are our shepherd
there is nothing that we need.
In green pastures we will find our way,
in waters of peace. (Refrain)

Paraphrase of 1 Peter 1:8

Composer: David Haas (1993)

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