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20 February 2013

Tree of Life and Awesome Mystery (Marty Haugen)

Tree of life and awesome mystery,
In your death we are reborn,
Though you die in all of history,
still you rise with every morn,
Still you rise with every morn.

Seed that dies to rise in glory,
May we see ourselves in you,
If we learn to live your story,
We may die to rise anew,
we may die to rise anew.

We remember truth one spoken,
love passed on through act and word,
Every person, lost and broken
wears the body of our Lord,
wears the body of our Lord.

Gentle Jesus, mighty Spirit,
come inflame our hearts anew,
We may all your joy inherit,
if we bear the cross with you,
if we bear the cross with you.

Christ you lead and we shall follow,
stumbling though our steps may be,
One with you in joy and sorrow,
we the river you the sea,
we the river you the sea

Composer: Marty Haugen (1984)

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