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11 August 2010

All Praise To Thee, For Thou, O King Divine

All praise to thee, for thou. O King divine,
didst yield the glory that of right was thine,
that in our troubled hearts thy grace might shine:
Hallelujah; hallelujah!

Thou cam'st to us in lowliness of thought;
by thee the outcast and the poor were sought,
and by thy death was God's salvation wrought:
Hallelujah; hallelujah!

Let this mind be in us which was in thee,
who wast a servant that we might be free,
humbling thyself to death on Calvary:
Hallelujah; hallelujah!

Wherefore, by God's eternal purpose,
thou art high exalted o'er all creatures now,
and given the name to which all knees shall bow:
Hallelujah; hallelujah!

Let every tongue confess with one accord
in heaven and earth that Jesus Christ is Lord;
and God eternal be by all adored:
Hallelujah; hallelujah!

Words: F. Bland Tucker (1938)
Tune: ENGELBERG 10.10.10 + Alleluia, by Charles Villiers Stanford (1904)

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