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05 July 2010

Digo "Si," Señor / I Say "Yes," My Lord

Verse 1:
Al Señor de eternidad, Digo si Señor.
Al Señor que me escuscha, Digo si Señor.
Al Dios de los ofenidos, Digo si Señor.
Al Dios de justicia, Digo si Señor.
To the God who cannot die, I say "Yes," my Lord.
To the one who hears me cry, I say "Yes," my Lord.
To the God of the oppressed, I say "Yes," my Lord.
To the God of all justice, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Digo Si Señor
en tiempos malos y en tiempos buenos.

Digo Si Señor
a todo lo que hablas.

I say "Yes," my Lord,
in all the good times, through all the bad times.
I say "Yes," my Lord,
to every word you speak.
Verse 2
Soy un serviente del Señor, Digo si Señor.
y trabajo de los campos, Digo si Señor.
Soy un prisonero de sus Guerras, Digo si Señor.
Como un politico, inevitable, Digo si Señor.
I am a servant of the Lord, I say "Yes," my Lord.
I'm a worker in the fields, I say "Yes," my Lord.
I'm a prisoner of their wars, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Like a politician, inevitably, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Verse 3:
Para el sueño que tengo hoy, Digo si Señor.
Para curar todos que estan sufriendo, Digo si Señor.
Para amar a mis enemigos, Digo si Señor
Para tu paz en los gobiernos, Digo si Señor.
For the dream I have today, I say "Yes," my Lord.
To be a healer of all pain, I say "Yes," my Lord.
To come to love my enemies, I say "Yes," my Lord.
For your peace in all the world, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Verse 4.
Como Job santamente, Digo si Señor.
Como Maria completemente, Digo si Señor.
como David en una cancion, Digo si Señor.
como Israel que yo esperanza, Digo si Señor.
Like that of Job, unceasingly, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Like that of Maria, wholeheartedly, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Like that of David in a song, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Like Israel for you I long, I say "Yes," my Lord.
Composer: Donna Peña (1989)

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  1. This is one of my favorite songs ever!!!! Thanks so much for the lyrics. I sang this song for my Confirmation in 5th grade. Thank You so much!! :)

  2. I love this song. We sing the english version for school but we sing the last paragraph in spanish.

  3. When I sing the first line I can feel the spirit way deep down inside and I knowhe hears. Thank you

  4. the first time I heard this most beautiful song was this past Thursday - March 25, 2016 at Holy Thursday services at St. Olaf's parish in Poulsbo, Washington ... it is now my mantra is what I feel .. it is what I believe ... now and always I SAY YES MY LORD ... the words, the music brings HIS WILL BE DONE to a level of understanding ... I feel it as I sing it ... Thank You Donna Pena .. you were blessed with such talent ...