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21 February 2010

Come Back To Me (Hosea)

Come back to me with all your heart.
Don't let fear keep us apart.
Trees do bend, 'though straight and tall;
so must we ot others' call.

Long have I waited for your coming
home to me and living deeply our new life.
The wilderness will lead you
to your heart where I will speak.
Integrity and justice,
With tenderness, you shall know. (Refrain)

You shall sleep secure with peace;
faithfulness will be your joy. (Refrain)

Paraphrase of Hosea 6:1, 3:3, 2:16,21; Joel 2:12

Words & Music: Gregory Norbet (b. 1940)

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1 comment:

  1. I love this most beautiful love song to us from our Beloved. I was also surprised and happy to note it is the background music for a PBS documentary focusing on "Cloud", a wild horse from the Montana Arrowhead Mountains (...the wilderness will lead you to your heart...)God preserve the wilderness of your magnificent creation; save it and its creatures from the profit-worshipers forever.