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17 February 2010

Return to God (Marty Haugen)


Return to God with all your heart, the source of grace and mercy;
Come seek the tender faithfulness of God
Now the time of grace has come, the day of salvation;
Come and learn now the way of our God. (Refrain)

I will take your heart of stone and place a heart within you,
A heart of compassion and love. (Refrain)

If you break the chains of oppression,
If you set the pris'ner free;
If you share your bread with the hungry,
Give protection to the lost;
Give shelter to the homeless,
Clothe the naked in your midst,
Then your light shall break forth like the dawn. (Refrain)

Words & Music: Marty Haugen (b. 1950)

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  1. It would be nice the the melody was true in the third line of the refrain.

  2. This is a beautiful song. If only we knew ALL of the light that shines forth when we show compassion to our brothers and sisters. We will find out in eternity. There are COUNTLESS stories of hope and positive outcomes that have been brought about by the good shone to others, years after it was shone to people, and at times after a person has passed.

  3. That third verse bridge is so effing true.