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22 April 2013

My son has gone away (Bob Dufford)

1. My son has gone away, left me, gone astray.
But I have seen the way he went and I will bring him back.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how could you run away?
Jerusalem, how long my son? I'll wait for you, I'll stay.
2. Perhaps my son is weary and cold.
Perhaps he's tired and sad.
Tonight I'll go and watch again,
And wait for his return.

Composer: Bob Dufford

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  1. has anyone got the music? I lost my copy of earthen vessels book years ago.

  2. Thank you! This is perfect for tomorrow's Gospel about the Prodigal son!

  3. Thank you! This is perfect for tomorrow's Gospel about the Prodigal son!

  4. I have to like the use of the male, maybe it's just the contrast to "the old girl is acting up tonight" use of the feminine for recalcitrant inanimate objects or slightly useless animate ones; old New York, she's a grand old girl. So now we have to rehabilitate the feminine usage to this idea of responsibility, but that runs deep. Where would Aristotelianism/Thomism be without matter? Or sci-fi be without the matrix?
    I was in Lincoln, Nebraska, in the 80's when the mary-working-in-the-gas-station movie had things all a-roil, and one evening the cathedral was packed with loyal party members denouncing the satanic movie with a beefy-faced monsignor leading them in prayer, I wanted to say hatred. Another day I stopped by, in the afternoon, and a woman's voice was practicing this song, haunting only in the sense of "You don't think God actually exists, do you? And if she does, she doesn't really expect us to take her seriously, do you?"