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24 April 2013

Turn to me (John Foley)

Turn to me, O man and be saved,
Says the Lord for I am God;
There is no other, none beside me.
I call your name.
1. I am He that comforts you;
Who are you to be afraid of man who dies,
is made like the grass of the fields, soon to wither.

2. Listen to me, my people;
Give ear to me my nation:
a law will go forth from me,
and my justice for a light to the people.

3. Lift up your eyes to the heavens,
and look at the earth down below.
The heavens will vanish like smoke,
and the earth will wear out like a garment.

Composer: John Foley

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  1. Always has been one of my favorites. Beautiful. I love everything John Foley writes.

  2. This song started playing in my mind - with a message that I desperately need. Turn to God. All else is futile. It is God who comforts us. Who are we to be afraid? thank you Jesus for this incredible reminder.