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26 April 2013

Exsultet (Liam Lawton)

1. Now to the throne of God in exultation,
High heaven’s hosts, your proud hosannas sing!
Sound in the height the trumpet of salvation,
Waking the day to greet its Lord and King!


Rejoice, rejoice,
Gone forever is the night!
Rejoice, rejoice,
Risen is the Lord of light!
2. Now let the earth be filled with songs of gladness!
Christ is our Dawn, and banished is our night!
Now let all tongues acclaim the King of ages,
Rising as Lord of everlasting life!

3.Sing in your joy, O holy Church, our Mother:
Darkest of nights becomes your day of days!
Now, in the dawn of never ending glory,
Bring to your Lord the homage of your praise!

4. Bless with your love this feast of light, O Father!
Shine on the world, O world’s true Light, God’s Son!
Touch with your fire, O God the Holy Spirit,
Tongues to proclaim the triumph Christ has won!

Composer: Liam Lawton (2001)

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