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17 April 2013

The Cross of Love II - May the Voice of Angel Chorus / Song of Farewell (Rufino Zarazoga)

In memory of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, 15 April 2013

May the voice of angel chorus
lift your soul to God’s embrace.
May the martyrs come to welcome you
and saints prepare a place
where all sorrows and all burdens
melt before our Savior’s face,
who with love
did walk the Cross of Love.

May the Gentle Shepherd lead you
as you welcome Sister Death.
May the arms of Abraham
enfold your soul upon his breast.
In Jerusalem eternal,
holy city, holy rest;
you’ll find love, that walked the Cross of Love.

May the Lord bless and keep you
as your journey is complete.
May the face of God come shine on you,
God’s gracious light increase.
May the Holy One with kindness
look on you
and give you peace,  give you love,
to walk the Cross of Love.

See also alternate version: The Cross of Love - May the Lord bless and keep you (Rufino Zaragoza)

Text: Paraphrase of In Paradisum
Music: Rufino Zaragoza

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