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21 April 2013

We Give You Thanks (David Haas)

1. For the bread and wine we share here,
For the friends that we embrace,
For the peace we find in healing,
For all who gather in this place,
For the faith of those around us,
For the dead and all those here,
For the hope we find in mem’ry,
For the love that draws us near.
We give you thanks, we give you thanks
For the grace to receive, in you we believe,
We give you thanks, we give you thanks,
With faith and hope and love we give you thanks.
2. For the movement deep within us,
For the stories that we bring,
For the signs of God’s compassion,
For the journey that we sing,
For the word that holds our promise,
For the gifts that we can claim,
For the wonders that surround us,
For the song that sings our name.   

3. For the water bringing new life,
For the fragrance of release,
For the fire that blazes forward,
For the call to bring forth peace,
For the blindness now enlightened,
For the bound that are now free,
For the brightness of your new day,
For the kingdom we will be.   

Composer: David Haas (b. 1957)

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