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29 April 2013

Trust in the Lord (Roc O'Connor)

Trust in the Lord; you shall not tire.
Serve you the Lord you shall not weaken.
For the Lord's own strength will uphold you.
You shall renew your life and live.
1. The Lord is our eternal God .
He neither faints nor grows weary.
Our hearts He probes from afar,
Knowing our ways, knowing our ways.

2. Young hearts may grow faint and weak
Youths may collapse, stumble and fall.
They that hope in the Lord will renew their courage.
They'll soar with eagle's might.

3. Old men shall dream new dreams.
Young men will find wisdom in visions.
The Lord will speak in our lifetime,
Show His face to those who wait.

Composer: Roc O'Connor

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