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10 May 2013

Kurangkai Mawar yang harum [I gather a bouquet of fragrant roses]

1. Kurangkai Mawar yang harum merbak (I gather a bouquet of fragrant roses)
Lambang kasihku padaMu Bunda (sign of my love to you, mother)

Ave, ave, ave Maria
Ave, ave, ave Maria
2. Salam engkau Bunda tak bercela (Hail you, mother without sin)
Yang dipercaya mengandung Putera (Who is believed to carry the Lord in your womb)

3. Diberkatilah Engkau Bundaku (Blessed are you, my mother)
Ditengah para wanita semua (in the midst of all women)

4. Pun buah rahimMu di Agungkan (Glorify the fruit of your womb)
Dan ditinggikan sebagai Tuhan (and exalt him as Lord)

Paraphrase of: Ave Maria, gratia plena (Hail Mary, Full of Grace)

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